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I work with Shaz 3 times a week, and it has done wonders for my general well-being. Getting older is not always easy. Thankfully the exercise and stretching program we do is keeping me limber and more comfortable. I never realized how stiff I was until we started working together. I'm 94 years young and recommend anyone my age to spend more time on their physical body - the benefits are huge.


Having worked with more than eight personal trainers since I was an adult, I am in a position to compare the benefits I have received from this variety of experiences.

First and foremost is the knowledge and skill that Shaz possesses compared to other trainers. He has the uncanny ability to work on all parts of my muscles and tendons. Workouts have left me with vastly improved functionality and virtually pain-free in a short period.

I will turn 77 years old this year and feel twenty years younger. Shaz also urges compliance with healthy eating and is very knowledgeable about instilling good nutritional habits.

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After a recent Stroke, I wanted to improve my ability to walk. I had trouble using a walker and was stuck in a wheelchair, which was not a positive experience. I was referred to Shaz by another personal trainer; he came recommended highly to improve my situation.

In 1985, I started experiencing numbness, visual problems loss of being able to walk and other problems associated with MS. Sometimes I could walk without a cane and balance was good, then it would take a downward spiral dealing with the disabilities which had surfaced. Over the years, I have had some very good days and very bad days. All in all, I have made it over the years. My main activity has been swimming along with some gym work. Unfortunately, a blood clot in my leg caused me to have a stroke.

When I began working with Shaz- I was not able to walk freely and had to use a wheelchair most often. Always sitting was causing my body to tighten up, and I was not able to practice walking a little bit. After consistently working 3-4 times a week with Shaz, I have significantly improved my ability to walk without any external support. I still have my good and bad days, but the work we have done together has been monumental.

Working with Shaz has been a remarkable experience ! I know he will be able to help many other people feel better.


My most sincere thanks to Shaz /Blue Lotus Fitness. The changes happen so fast before I knew it I felt better- the exercise and the therapy drastically improved my energy levels and well-being. I am able to get so much more done, and that was a completely unexpected benefit, I feel better in so many ways. Thanks Shaz !


After falling short of my goals at my swim competition, I decided that I needed to supplement my swimming with training outside of the water. Athletes are constantly looking to find ways to get an edge on their competition - I felt in order to get to the next level I needed to improve on my leg strength and flexibility. I had no idea that my posture and breathing were negatively affecting my performance, on top of a few other small faults; or so I thought.

These last few months Shaz has helped me more than I expected. After my first session, it was evident that I had a few "leaks" hindering my performance (breathing, posture, exercise technique). Shaz showed me how to breathe properly outside of the water, which helped relieve pressure I had in my upper back. After only 3 weeks, my posture had drastically changed for the better, which lead to better performance in the water and a more relaxed sense during everyday activities. I had no expectation of addressing any of those issues; I was not even aware they were deficient - I just wanted to increase my strength and flexibility.

Shaz is a great trainer and has an incredible amount of knowledge in his field. I highly recommend him to any athlete or anyone looking to improve their health/physique.


Shaz has been instrumental in my weight loss journey. He went through such a detailed assessment on my strengths and weakness - I learned so much about my body after just 1 session. His creative workouts always keep sessions fun, and his positive reinforcement keeps me going when I am willing to give up.

Working with Blue Lotus Fitness has changed my perspective on life. I never thought I could feel so confident and proud of myself !


I was frustrated and exhausted after years of following dogmatic “rules” to stay lean and muscular. The personal trainers I had worked with in the past were not able to help me achieve my physique goals. I had written off my goals as unrealistic and felt defeated.

Luckily, A good friend had an amazing transformation and pointed me in the direction of Blue Lotus Fitness. Shaz cleared misconceptions I had about training and nutrition, teaching me key principles crucial to my transformation; that I continue using to reap long term benefit. Maintaining a low body fat percentage is without anxiety and stress after working with him for only 2 months.


My most sincere thanks to Shaz /Blue Lotus Fitness. The changes happen so fast before I knew it I felt better- the exercise and the therapy drastically improved my energy levels and well-being. I am able to get so much more done, and that was a completely unexpected benefit, I feel better in so many ways. Thanks Shaz !


I've worked with a handful of trainers in Sarasota. I have never had a seamless exercise and diet program that gave me significant results as I've had working with Shaz. I have the utmost trust in his ability and competence and feel comfortable having him work with my entire family. A great experience !


As a business owner, I’m always trying to find that perfect balance of maintaining a healthy mind and body to keep pace with my very busy schedule. Training with Shaz has been a ‘rebirth’ for me physically. I am enjoying each session because I see the increase in my flexibility and strength - I clearly see myself building a solid foundation of physical fitness.

Shaz is a dedicated professional, every time he walks through the door, you know you are in good hands and that he is there for you all the way. I highly recommend Shaz Mirtolooi, his commitment to his clients helps them to manifest their desires and turns the image they see for themselves into reality.


1 Month before I met Shaz I was couch ridden with a back that left me in excruciating pain. I had to use a cane occasionally to walk for a few weeks after the flare up. It was the worse back "episode" I had in years of living with chronic low back pain. During our initial consultation he was straight with me- he gave me all the facts and did not make any promises, he assured me we would tackle the problem from all angles but without any expectations.

Shaz brought tremendous focus to the task at hand during our sessions and showed personal concern for improving my situation. Thankfully the work we did together did provide me with relief. Shaz implemented a whole body approach, and we did exercise that I thought had nothing to do with my back, that had tremendous carry over and made a positive difference. Working with Shaz, I learned key principles to maintaining a healthy low back that I can use always.


I started working with Shaz after I learned I had a frayed Rotator cuff. The injury wasn't significant enough for surgery but was causing me tremendous pain. I decided I had to do something to improve my overall health and eliminate the pain in my shoulder.

I contacted Shaz and he immediately reviewed the MRI of my shoulder. Next, Shaz did a complete evaluation to determine my flexibility and motion capabilities. He quickly learned that a big part of my problem was related to my poor posture for more than 35 years. Shaz then began a program designed to improve my posture and core strength. As we continued to work together, he expanded the plan not only improve my posture and core strength, but also to strengthen weaker areas of my body contributing to my bad posture. I continue to improve weekly as I work with Shaz.

Even more importantly, I feel better than I have felt in over 25 years. I'm confident I could not have made this much progress without working 1 on 1 with Shaz. Thank you so very much Shaz!


Being 85 years old, I thought that being active might be a challenge- especially since I would have low back pain flare up every couple of months. Shaz has shown me how to optimize everyday movements, so I can place the least amount of stress on my body and stay clear of any potential problems. I have not had a single occurrence of low back pain since we started working together. I CAN SHOOT MY AGE !


The thing I love about Shaz is that I have someone to talk to, and he knows what he is talking about. With almost every diet comes a time where you plateau and it is great to have someone talk you through it. Also, encouragement is big for me.

I like having someone to set goals with and checks on me to make sure I stay on track. My diet was custom made for me and my life style.

One size doesn't fit all - I love that. I've already lost 12 lbs in the last month. My goal is to lose another 10. It's pretty exciting. Blue Lotus Fitness is amazing!