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personal training

Movement is Freedom. Working with the 3 principles of movement will keep you improving.

Move Better with simple and Effective Training.

Blue Lotus Fitness is the synergy between practical and methodical training. Getting into shape can be simple, straight-forward and effective. My goal is to provide you with information and application that is practical, useful and adaptable to varied lifestyles.

If you have never tried working out, a personal trainer is a valuable resource. I will create a simple, effective routine and progressively build your level of fitness, knowledge and well-being.I work with a variety of clients in Sarasota and Longboat Key.

You will have newfound confidence and knowledge to succeed in your fitness endeavors. You will obtain practical information that will serve you a lifetime.

my intention is to foster self- sufficient, healthy individuals who don’t need to rely indefinitely on a trainer to stay in shape

Luckily, A good friend had an amazing transformation and pointed me in the direction of Blue Lotus Fitness. Shaz cleared misconceptions I had about training and nutrition, teaching me key principles crucial to my transformation; that I continue using to reap long term benefit.

Shar , 36
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As a business owner, I’m always trying to find that perfect balance of maintaining a healthy mind and body to keep pace with my very busy schedule. Training with Shaz has been a ‘rebirth’ for me physically. I am enjoying each session because I see the increase in my flexibility and strength - I clearly see myself building a solid foundation of physical fitness.

Mary , 52
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I've worked with a handful of trainers in Sarasota. I have never had a seamless exercise and diet program that gave me significant results as I've had working with Shaz. I have the utmost trust in his ability and competence and feel comfortable having him work with my entire family. A great experience !

John , 53
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Good flexibility allows a joint to move through its full range of motion. Ideal movement at all the joints will allow you to move well and within an environment that injury can not exist.


Expression of strength through a full range of movement allows the body to adapt and improve to any stress. Real strength is realized when the restriction of motion is not present.


The physical act of balance is needed. The balance between muscles and movements is also fundamental. When the body is out of balance - injuries can occur more frequently. Harmony within the body maintains wellness while facilitating forward progress.