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rehab and senior training

My programs are completely individual and based on specific assessments of movement, pain and function.

Turn Back the Clock – Movement Is Freedom. Live Free

Getting older does not mean you have to get slower, weaker and experience discomfort. At any age the body can thrive, can heal itself and can improve. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or are in your golden years – movement is freedom and that freedom can be as real as it was when you were a small child. 

We can adapt a variety of training environments for you to succeed. My priority is to apply a fitness program that complements your lifestyle without overwhelming it. Feel comfortable knowing that you can choose the training environment.

I can work with your doctor, chiropractor or physical therapist, to plan a safe and effective program. Working with a rehab specialist after an injury is a major contributing factor to improving and preventing further injury. This period is essential in the recovery process that often is overlooked and disregarded by health care professionals. 

i want to be of service and help you achieve whatever goals and intentions you have for your well-being 

I started working with Shaz after I learned I had a frayed Rotator cuff. The injury wasn't significant enough for surgery but was causing me tremendous pain. I decided I had to do something to improve my overall health and eliminate the pain in my shoulder.

Charla , 50
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After a recent Stroke, I wanted to improve my ability to walk. I had trouble using a walker and was stuck in a wheelchair, which was not a positive experience. I was referred to Shaz by another personal trainer; he came recommended highly to improve my situation.

Susan, 62
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Shaz brought tremendous focus to the task at hand during our sessions and showed personal concern for improving my situation. Thankfully the work we did together did provide me with relief. Shaz implemented a whole body approach, and we did exercise that I thought had nothing to do with my back, that had tremendous carry over and made a positive difference.

Dan , 48
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Common Lower Body Injuries

Total Hip Replacements - Total Knee Replacements - ACL Reconstruction - Meniscus Injuries - Patellofemoral Syndrome - IT band Friction Syndrome - Patellar Tendonitis - AchillesTendonitis - Plantar Fasciitis

Common Upper Body Injuries

Rotator Cuff Tears / Disfunction - Disc Herniations - Disc Degeneration - Stenosis & Scoliosis - Tennis & Golfers Elbow - AC Joint impingement - Joint Mobility

Neuromuscular Disease

Arthritic Degeneration - Stroke - Fibromyalgia - Multiple sclerosis - Dementia - Parkinson's