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about shaz

Shaz Mirtolooi has spent years building the skills that help him keep his clients feeling younger, more healthy, and capable of moving better than ever before.


Shaz developed Blue Lotus Fitness to Empower Individuals to have a Conscious Role in their fitness, health and well-being – to direct themselves toward their desired outcomes. 

Shaz provides a resource to help his clients integrate the understanding of sound fitness and nutritional information – incorporating ideal movement practice into their lifestyle Without Doubt Or Anxiety. His intention is to share information enabling people to make superior choices in alignment with their fitness goals.

“Movement is Freedom. Live Free” Was created from the idea that many people are uncomfortable within, and restricted by their body. Weakness, imbalance and stiffness block the bodies natural abilities.

Strength, Balance & Flexibility, allow the body to move the way it was meant to. Giving people the Freedom Inside Their Body to move without limitation, pain or discomfort.

at the end of the day, the responsibility always comes back to us as individuals. it is our responsibility to take care of our body, mind and well-being.

Being 85 years old, I thought that being active might be a challenge- especially since I would have low back pain flare up every couple of months. Shaz has shown me how to optimize everyday movements, so I can place the least amount of stress on my body and stay clear of any potential problems.

Doug , 85
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The changes happen so fast before I knew it I felt better- the exercise and the therapy drastically improved my energy levels and well-being. I am able to get so much more done, and that was a completely unexpected benefit, I feel better in so many ways. Thanks Shaz !

Diane, 54
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First and foremost is the knowledge and skill that Shaz possesses compared to other trainers. He has the uncanny ability to work on all parts of my muscles and tendons. Workouts have left me with vastly improved functionality and virtually pain-free in a short period.

Larry, 77, Parkinson Place
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The 3 Core Principles of Blue Lotus Fitness


The focus of mainstream fitness is all about the body. The strong interrelationship between Body, Mind and Intention is what creates genuine health, wellness and fitness.


Your thoughts impact your physical body, impact your desires - the sum of those thoughts is what has created your current level of fitness. Your thoughts will lead you toward what you want to create.


The link between body and mind - and the driving force behind your actions. Dig deep for the real reasons why you’re exercising - empower the body and the mind.

The combination of Core Principles creates AUTHENTIC wellness.